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“THEFOOTSAFER” – Provide best running shoes for men , running shoes design, stability refers to a shoe’s ability to support good running shoes. Typically, that means an optimal level of pronation (more on that here). If you’re an overpronator—your feet roll inward excessively—and prefer stability, these shoes have features to help counter that movement. These include firmer foams in key areas of the midsole, like a medial post, or additional material on the edge of the sole to prevent the foot from twisting. If you don’t overpronate, you’ll likely prefer a “neutral” shoe, which doesn’t have extra support features and won’t interfere with your stride running shoes.


best running shoes for men

A cushioned road shoe that feels as light and explosive as a race shoe—but still sturdy enough for long training runs—the new Mach 5 replaces its predecessor as perhaps our favorite Hoka ever.

To build this versatile trainer, Hoka kept speedy design features from the brand’s race-oriented Carbon X 3 and Rocket X 2 (like propulsive energy return and a sportier, more streamlined upper that hugs your foot) while forgoing the carbon plate. But the big news for v5 is an upgrade to the brand’s usual generous cushioning.

The shoe now uses a tweaked formulation of Profly+ midsole foam, which provides plenty of zoom and bounce.

“THEFOOTSAFER” – Provide Asics Glide Ride 3


“When I think of a luxury, best running shoes for men, I go back to my standard bellwether like an Asics Nimbus , two of my favorite shoes. But they don’t compare to the GlideRide 3. It’s just an absolute joy to run in,” said one tester, who runs 50Ks and 10-hour backyard-style challenges.

So, what puts the GlideRide in a class of its own? Much of it is Asics’s “GuideSole” design, a combination of two soft foams and a super-aggressive rocker shape.

Inside is a TPU plate that curves the toe upward like a ski slope. That geometry is the same on the GlideRide 2, but both of the foams used are softer (the material closest to your foot is now bouncy FlyteFoam Blast+), and the plate is more flexible and this is best running shoes for men .

The purpose of Guide Sole is to reduce ankle motion, which has been shown to help some runners stride more efficiently and expend less energy as a result. According to our testers, it works—but it can take a few runs to adjust to the feeling and this shoe is best running shoes for men .

Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 | best running shoes

Gel-Kayano, Gel-Cumulus, Gel-Nimbusare also best running shoes for men . These titans all have the same first name, and it just got an upgrade. Pure Gel is the lighter, softer version of the brand’s hallmark cushioning. It’s still a bit heavier than midsole foam, so you’ll see it used in workhorse trainers rather than racing models, but not much is needed to reap its benefits.

Asics puts a small wedge of the new material in the heel, just enough to smooth landings and absorb shock without weighing you down. Only, you won’t see the squishy gel peeking out like in prior versions of the shoe; Pure Gel blends in with the rest of the midsole, now made of Flytefoam Blast+. Swapping in the light and springy foam lets Asics add 4mm to the midsole, but actually reduces weight from the Gel-Cumulus 24 best running shoes for men.

Testers said the Cumulus is surprisingly light for its “nice, thick, and foamy” workhorse sole, but it does sacrifice some pep underfoot. “When I wear racers like Asics’s Magic Speed , I feel like I’m being rocked onto my toes, making me more efficient and pushing me forward. While I didn’t feel that sensation in this shoe, it’s one of the most comfortable and best running shoes for men I’ve worn,” said one tester.

Nike Vaporfly 3 | best running shoes for men

Nike overhauled the Vaporfly from the rubber up, looking to make the third version the lightest yet. In our men’s size 12, we see only a 0.1-ounce drop from version 2 (our pink pair of the first Next% was 0.4 ounces lighter still). So, it’s not the lightest ever, but it’s still lighter than competitors like the Asics MetaSpeed Sky+, Saucony Endorphin Pro 3, New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3, Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3, and Puma Deviate Nitro Elite 2 and best running shoes for men .

One attempt to shave weight came in the way Nike shaped the midsole. It’s still using the same Peba-based material for the foam (Nike calls it ZoomX), which delivers top-of-the-line energy return. That foam is already exceptionally lightweight, but Nike added a cutout on the lateral sidewall—your foot doesn’t need support there—and a small channel under the midfoot to reduce material and shave a couple grams.

The shoe is also equipped with a carbon-fiber plate. This high-tech combination of plate and foam allows elite marathoners to race under a five-minute pace, but it’s not just for the pros. Even at slower speeds, the shoe still feels exceptionally propulsive and energetic, making every stride a little more efficient and less taxing. Overall, it just might be the speediest and bounciest shoe we’ve tested yet.

Nike Winflo 10 | best running shoes for men

For running performance and style for under $100, it’s tough to beat the newest Winflo—despite the plusher collar padding and new engineered mesh upper, the price hasn’t budged. For v9, Nike tweaked the formula of the shoe’s Cushlon foam.

(It’s still not responsive as the brand’s more premium ZoomX or React, but testers noted a softer ride when compared to the Winflo’s previous versions.)

Plus, a larger Air unit now spans the full length of the shoe for a smoother transition from heel to forefoot. Those midsole updates in the v9 carry over unchanged to the v10.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880 v13

Last year, New Balance gave the 880’s midsole a substantial, carefully-considered update. Its new dual-density construction overlapped a softer portion of Fresh Foam in the heel with a firmer, denser layer of EVA-based material beneath the midfoot that carried you through toe-off. The result was a ride that comfortably soaked up shock for heel strikers—the vast majority of runners—while keeping turnover smooth and peppy and best running shoes for men .

That much is unchanged for the v13. For this update, New Balance focused on the upper, swapping in engineered mesh with a snugger fit to lockdown the foot noticeably better than its predecessor. (Testers told us this version does feel narrower. But, it’s available in several widths to accommodate a variety of foot shapes.)

“The 880 still takes the prize for being my favorite line of shoes,” one tester said. The generous blown rubber outsole handles high-volume marathon training well—especially if the bulk of your runs are on slick roads and sidewalks. It’s not the lightest shoe, but it’s nimble enough to keep you cruising without clunkiness through double-digit mileage. And if you regularly bounce from your daily run to long hours on your feet, this is a great candidate that can keep up for both.

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